Top 9 destinations for travellers on a budget
Top 9 destinations for travellers on a budget

Top 9 destinations for travellers on a budget

Travelling and seeing the world is a goal for most people. While travelling can be expensive, there are several affordable destinations for travellers on a budget. These are some of the best and cheapest destinations you can visit.

  1. Transylvania, Romania

Located in central Romania, Transylvania is among the top interesting and pocket-friendly destinations in Eastern Europe. It is an ideal destination for slow travellers and is popular for its folk stories and myths. Transylvania also features various medieval towns, historical neighbourhoods, vibrant cities, and gardens.

While peak seasons for travelling to Transylvania are usually from April to October, you can still enjoy cheap flights during the winter. Public transportation in Romania is low-cost and reliable and you can explore the magical towns and villages of Transylvania all year round.

  1. Puebla, Mexico

Puebla is among the largest cities in Mexico and is located in the Puebla State, central Mexico. Unlike the other bustling cities, Puebla is tranquil and relaxed. It is also beautiful and full of fun and fascinating places to visit, from churches and cathedrals to zoos, aquariums, and museums.

Travelling around Puebla and other Mexican towns and cities is quite affordable. From cheap bus fare and flights to low-cost and delicious food and accommodation, Puebla is a great destination for anyone trying to travel on a budget.

  1. Lima, Peru

If you are looking for cheap destinations in South America, Lima, Peru is a great option. Peru is not only a low-budget destination, it also has a lot to offer, including delightful Peruvian cuisines, spectacular coastal views of the Pacific Ocean, and wildlife.

At Lima, expect to enjoy food tours and visit various sites and neighbourhoods at a low cost. Ubers, flights, and buses are very affordable as well as hostels for accommodation.

  1. Thailand

Thailand is a cultural hotspot with numerous places to visit and explore. From its picturesque islands, clear blue waters, and white beaches to the temples and wildlife, Thailand is among the top popular places to visit in South Asia.

Thailand is also a favourite destination for most tourists trying to travel the world on a shoestring budget. With several affordable accommodation options, easy travel, and low-cost meals, you can experience so much without having to break the bank.

  1. Morocco

If you enjoy touring deserts and ancient cities, you will love Morocco. This historic North African country has striking landscapes with high mountain ranges, beaches, and rolling deserts. You can fully experience the scenic views of Morocco’s landscapes by taking road trips and desert safaris.

Besides being a budget-friendly destination, Morocco has generous hospitality, exotic food, and a rich culture. Whether you want to join a camel caravan, hike in the Atlas Mountains, or visit ancient ruins, exploring Morocco is very affordable and fun too.

  1. Cambodia

Cambodia is among the top exotic places to visit in Southeast Asia. It is an ideal destination for travellers who enjoy both relaxed and adventure activities. From touring temples and ancient cities to river boat trips and social cycle’s tours, there is something for everyone in Cambodia. These activities are also affordable and so are transportation, food and accommodation.

  1. Belgrade, Serbia

European travel destinations are often considered pricey, and for this reason, most travellers on a budget avoid them. However, there are places such as Belgrade that are affordable. With low-cost flights and bus fares and cheap accommodation, this city in Serbia is perfect for budget travellers. Belgrade is a beautiful destination with a lot of interesting places to visit and a lot to learn. Being among the top affordable cities in Europe, you can enjoy a range of activities like exploring the art and cafes, the local wine and cuisines and experiencing the city’s nightlife on a good budget.

  1. South Africa

If you are looking for cheap destinations in Africa, add South Africa to your bucket list. In South Africa, you can embark on a safari in areas such as the Kruger National Park, explore the incredible Kalahari, the garden route and enjoy wine in wine-making regions at a good budget.

  1. Kolkata, India

Kolkata, India is an old city with a rich history and features interesting architecture and several old buildings. Like many other parts of India, Kolkata is a cultural hub and an incredibly cheap destination. Popular sites and attractions in this city include the Cathedral of holiest rosary, RBI and Postal museums, Mallik Bazar Flower market and Magen David Synagogue.


Travelling on a budget is about proper planning and budgeting and having relevant information about your destination. While there are numerous cheap destinations in the world to visit, it is crucial that you gather information from other travellers on affordable accommodation, meals, security and transportation before visiting a place.