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General Information on Adopting from Eastern Europe and former Soviet countries

Adoption Knowledge Affiliates is a local non-profit supporting adoption and a great supporter of FRUA-Austin!

Russianadoption.org is a good starting point for gathering information on adopting from Russia. It has a ton of information from reading Russian medical reports to travel, weather and cooking to a huge list of links to other sites.

AdoptionTravel.com is a great resource to help you plan your trip.

The Eastern European Adoption Coalition has tons of information to help you prepare for adoption, plus cultural and language helpers.

The Association for Research in International Adoption is a very detailed site containing the results of scientific studies on international adoption.

Adopting From Russia is a privately maintained site with some great resources, including how to get together your dossier, a few essential Russian phrases, and travel information.

Adopted From Russia is a small web store for adoptive families, with a variety of Russian children's books, talking toys, CDs with lullabies and bedtime stories, and so much more.

All Ways International is a travel agency that specializes in international adoption travel.

Ukrainian Angels helps facilitate independent adoptions from Ukraine.

Adopt Ukraine is an independent support group aimed at helping families looking to adopt from Ukraine.


General Resources for Adoption

Notary: FRUA-Austin's own Catherine Toran offers free notary service. Contact her for an appointment pringlecat@aol.com Work: 327-9500, Cell: 496-9500, Home: 288-5337

DirectoryKids.com - The Comprehensive Kids Directoryis a support directory for parents that includes links on education, adoption and other topics of special interest to adoptive parents.

A Child's Desire is a nonprofit organization that provides help to families looking to adopt hard-to-place children.

Paperchasing is a service which helps families expedite their adoptions by providing courier service to the Texas Secretary of State.


Advocacy for older kids

Kidsave Austin brings orphaned children, ages 7-12, from Russia, Kazakhstan and Columbia, to Austin for a six-week Summer Miracles program. The children attend camp and families interested in adopting or advocating for the children can arrange to host a child in their home, visit the children at weekend events, or meet them with their host family.


Other Important Resources

This US Department of State page contains specific information on the Embassy procedure for applying for a child's entry visa.

The Citizen Fact Sheet on the State Department web site has important information on the Child Citizenship Act of 2002, which grants international adoptees citizenship immediately upon entering the United States.

KidsHealth.org has a handy online growth chart.

Orphandoctor.com is another good resource for medical information on international adoptees.

The Moscow Times is the daily English-language Moscow newspaper.

Here's a handy (privately maintained) site with links to information regarding US law on dual citizenship.

The University of Texas Library has online maps of Russia and surrounding nations.


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Last updated January 2012